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A Reef Tank That Almost Runs Itself!

Aquariums look as natural and beautiful as this world has to offer, but they are all controlled by a small concealed computer. This powerful 1000 liter system is fully computer-controlled using a variety of probes, timers, and a built-in computer with a full LCD screen that connects to your home computer.

All the gear is in a cupboard underneath, so nothing in the tank can detract from the beauty of the animals that live in it. Fish and corals in this aquarium thrive, grow and reproduce like in the wild.

The temperature is regulated by the aquarium heater that goes into the titanium water filter and chiller connected to the attached computer. With the help of a strong heater and chiller, the aquarium can be stabilized at a temperature of 24 ° C. You can also look for JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller 1/10HP (DBA-075) online.

The aquarium is filtered through a hiding place plenum with a rear light, which is in a separate tank under the main tank. This is the most exemplary type of filtering in an aquarium. This provides natural assimilation and biodegradability of fish waste from the algae and bacteria that grow in it.

It also stabilizes the water chemistry as the light above the filter turns on while the light above the tank turns off, reducing the impact of photosynthesis on this closed system chemistry.

As algae grow in the filter, they can be collected so that the accumulated nutrients are removed. The electronic UV sterilizer also protects fish from possible disease outbreaks.

As corals grow, they use up a lot of calcium and other micronutrients from the water that needs to be replaced in the aquarium. This aquarium maintains perfect calcium levels because the calcium reactor is connected to a built-in computer that provides a steady flow of calcium and pH to the tank 24 hours a day.