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Choosing the right apron for your employees

Standard aprons for frontal radiation protection can be found everywhere in the world. But what if your employees have to wear aprons for a long time? We'll examine each of these factors so you can make the right decision. If you are looking for luxurious & premium hairdresser aprons & smocks for salon then you are the right place.

Choosing the right apron for your employees

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Comfort depends on the style of the apron and the selected type of mine. Aprons are designed with comfort in mind, so now you can find aprons made like a cardigan/skirt, the flex-back type that offers technical support on the back, full-wrap aprons offering maximum protection, maternity style, and full back aprons. For those who need it.

 For example, a radiologist who works primarily in an emergency room would be fine with a standard front apron with a regular 5mm PB equalizer. Front aprons are usually simple and lightweight for a quick test-taking and quickly remove the apron when you're done.

A nurse or technician from the department must wear his apron for a long time, if not the whole day. For such applications, a vest/skirt with a non-conductive core is a good choice. Surgical failure or apron failure is necessary for doctors or nurses in surgery who have to remove their main apron during surgery.

The type of channel chosen for the apron has a lot to do with comfort and the level of protection. The standard protection level is 5 mm PB eq. This equivalent ordinary lead offers the best, cheapest, and most durable radiation protection.