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CIC Asks Advice From Canadians On Immigration Mix And Levels

The Canadian government wholeheartedly welcomes the views of the public and stakeholders on the right level of immigration for Canada. The relevant authorities are gathering information on the most perfect combination of humanitarian class, refugees, families, and businesses. All participants were invited to share their personal views on the federal government’s plans for a flexible and improved immigration system and to support Canada’s future prosperity, the growing role of economic immigration.

In addition, the Canadian government will be able to fully offset its immigration goals. On the other hand, the government must pay attention to current and future economic conditions, regional and provincial contributions, and more liberal government obligations. However, there are so many immigrants who will also take help from Canadian immigration consultants from for making immigration easier.

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The Federal Government of Canada should consider the mental capacity of the Canadian community to welcome new arrivals, as well as the operational and administrative capacity of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada (CIC) to process all applications in a timely manner.

It should be noted that there are different goals and competing views on the future actions of the immigration program for the years to come. Public engagement and stakeholder engagement are key to the development of citizenship and immigration in Canada (CIC) by scaling up comprehensive programs and strategies to get around the country without serious problems.

Invited stakeholders represent a variety of views and opinions, including ethnocultural organizations, employers, settlement organizations, workers, Aboriginal people, universities, local authorities, regulatory bodies, educational institutions, business associations, and professional associations.