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Few Things To Consider When Choosing LED Strip Lights

It can be very easy or quite complicated to install your LED Strips. However, it all depends on the result that you want to achieve with your lighting system. 

It may be easier to install a 1-meter strip of LED lighting in your kitchen cabinets than it is to use 20 meters of RGB Strip Lights to equip a club or run this on DMX Control. To lighten your house, you can even buy led strip bulbs in Australia online.

No matter what your profession, there are some things you should be aware of. This article will show you how to do this.

Let's start with the LED Tape. The LED Tape is a piece of flexible circuit board that has high impact and flexible properties. It also includes surface-mounted devices (or SMDs) along its length. 

You should consider the following: LEDs per meter, size of LED chips, color and length of strip lights, as well as LED chip size. There are two types of LED strip lights available: 30 LED per mile and 60 LED/m2. The latter is twice as bright and has twice the number of LEDs, as indicated by its name. 

These LEDs are not meant to be used in situations where they compete with background lighting. You can use them in daylight settings, such as shop displays, or to add them to rooms that already have general illumination, but still want them visible. 

60 LEDs per meter is the best choice. Their sharper light output makes them suitable for these applications. The strip of 30 LEDs per meter will also be able to handle other lighting arrangements such as club lighting or any other place they are not competing with background lighting.