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Home Defense Without Firearms

There are many ways to protect your home including firearm training and have several or have an electronic security system to protect against theft. Well, today we will talk about something different. 

We will talk about home defense without firearms.It aims to help those who cannot have access to firearms or prefer to use ways to subdue or block the intruders that are not deadly. Read this article to know more about the firearm training & classes in Minnesota.

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Security window bar 

You can buy several security bars for your windows. It is public equipment in city center stores and more urban homes. This allows you to protect your home from a break-in that occurs through windows breaking. 

There are many styles of bar windows to be chosen so it doesn't have to look ugly to feel safe. Some even have elegant designs. Find a bar that matches the color of the wall outside your home or is enough to paint them to match.

Door frames and exterminators are reinforced 

If you want extra protection from break-ins, the easiest way to do this is to protect the door because it is the most common way for intruders to break (especially the theft type crash-and-dash). These doors are made for commercial applications such as hospitals and banks. 

These protective doors will run more than ordinary doors and may enter modifications to your wall around the door so it's best to have them when building a house. As always there are many different door designs including designs that mimic the appearance of wood.