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How to Blend Bath Salt and Dead Sea Salt?

Wondering how to create dead sea salt recipes for your own personal use? Creating your own personal bath and body products is becoming increasingly popular today as natural alternatives to commercial products. From bath soaps to bath salts, there is no better way to enjoy the health and healing benefits of salt than from your own home. This bath salt recipe will gently soothe tired muscles, moisturize dry skin and even relax you into a perfect soak for your next bath.

For this salt recipe, you will need two tablespoons of coarse sea salt, half a cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, four cups of water, four drops of green food coloring, and eight ounces of watery bath product such as lavender or chamomile. These items can be found at any health food store or online. You may also prepare this bath using other recipes such as one that calls for plain old baking soda dissolved in two tablespoons of warm water and added to hot water over boiling it for just over a minute before adding in the lemon juice and green food coloring.

The bath salt mixture, you will be creating is composed of sodium and potassium together with calcium and magnesium, which help to promote cell metabolism. Potassium is known as a stimulant while Calcium is known as a calming agent. When combining both these minerals, the result is a highly alkaline product that is great for soothing tired muscles and has positive effects on the skin. Calcium is also essential in promoting strong teeth and bones while Potassium is important for regulating nerve impulses and keeping the heart pumping.

These two main ingredients are combined into a salt solution which can be used as a stand-alone or as a base for many other therapeutic bath salt recipes. This solution can then be mixed with the necessary oils and scented oils to create a variety of different scents including lavender, jasmine, and coconut. Many of these scents and essential oils have healing qualities that aid in the healing of the body as well as promoting relaxation. In fact, they are known to induce sleep. Some of the oils used to create aromatherapy include rosewood oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. All of these combine to create a very unique therapeutic bath salt product that is both delicious and very healthy.

You can find a wide variety of essential oils that can be added to bath salt so that you can use this product for a variety of different therapeutic uses. Essential oils such as peppermint, Rosemary, and lemon just add to the aroma and the therapeutic benefits that this salt has to offer. You can even mix in other ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, or peppermint to create your own custom blend of bath salt that will have your guests raving about how great the meal was after their bath. If you enjoy cooking you can easily make your own recipe for bath salt which you can then add to your recipe list at home whenever you wish.

Not only is bath salt readily available anywhere but it is also easy to find different forms of bath salt that are available for you to buy. Bath salts generally come in either a chunk or granular form and they also come in a variety of different colors such as silver, gold, silver-grey, white, and cream. You can even buy them in different flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate.

Dead Sea salts are salts derived from the Dead Sea located in Israel. Although not actually sea salt, this Dead Sea salt has many of the same properties as sea salt. The Dead Sea salt is beneficial for soothing the skin as well as treating various ailments such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, and arthritis. The salt also helps to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. As with all types of bath products you can add this salt to your recipes to make it more therapeutic.

One of the greatest things about bath salt and dead sea salt is that both of these bath ingredients are great for blending together for healing purposes. When combining these two bath additives, you will be able to use the essential oils in conjunction with them to create a soothing blend that will increase your pleasure of bathing. However, before you start to blend these two together, ensure that you first have a quality essential oil to work with such as jojoba, Rosemary, or lavender.