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How To Install Tape In Your Tape Dispenser

The rose gold tape dispenser is an ideal handy accessory to aid in the packaging when needed. It allows you to hold a large roll of tape which will help you speed up your activities when closing boxes or other items.

You can safely and easily load a new roll of tape if you run out of tape in the dispenser. You don't have to worry about the installation as it's quite easy. To get more details about rose gold tape dispensers you may check this out now.

rose gold tape dispenser

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The first thing you need to do is prepare a replacement roll of tape. You can then remove the plastic tab and split the dispenser in half. Then carefully distribute the dispenser parts so that you can easily remove the empty rolls.

Slide the new roller into your dispenser until the slippery side opens next to your teeth. Attach the plastic sheet and place the dispenser part into the device.

Then you need to pull out a few inches of the tape and place it under the plastic container. The feeder is usually located about an inch behind the metal teeth.

With this simple refill of the spare roll of tape, you no longer have to worry about the duct tape running out during the packaging activity. Just install a backup and you can continue working without problems.