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How to Stop Thumb Sucking in Children

If your child is three years old or older and still sucks their thumbs, it is time to break the habit. Remember, this is a calming and stress-reducing action for them and it won't be easy to stop it.

Here are some tips for success:

Start Early – The younger you are, the easier it will be to break the habit. You can purchase thumb sucking devices online via This will help you in getting your children get rid of this habit.

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Explain – Tell your child why thumb sucking is a bad behavior, eg. "It's bad for your teeth when you suck your thumb" or "There are germs on your thumb that you don't want in your mouth."

Setting Boundaries – Try to limit the amount of time your child sucks their thumbs while at home, in rooms and outside public spaces. Explain that this is a bedtime activity during the day and night.

Don't Criticize – Instead of causing a confrontation, praise them when they don't give a thumbs up and explain why that's the desired behavior.

Reward Good Behavior – Purchase posters and stickers to create a "progress chart". If a week has passed without sucking, at the end of the month offer a price with a special surprise.

Swap It – If they want to suck their thumbs, hold their hand or give them something comfortable like a blanket. This helps through emotional comfort.

Talk to Your Dentist – Some children benefit from having oral appliances, often called a "roof top" and "crib" in the mouth, that prevent suction. They are available in fixed and interchangeable versions.