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How to Successfully Use Water Features in Landscaping

Water features are a great addition to any landscaping plan and can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere, attract local wildlife or provide a surprising and charming difference in the surroundings. 

ExpertEasy makes hiring Landscapers easy and they help you to choose plants and trees that are best suited to your area and soil quality. To successfully implement a feature in your landscaping, try following these helpful tips.

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Natural Stone

Natural stone is water's best friend when it comes to landscaping a fresh, naturalistic, and practical outdoor space. 

Whether you need to offset a large pool or a small patio fountain, natural stone can prevent your landscaping feature from appearing too artificial or arbitrary. 

Natural stone also looks great as a border around garden beds, particularly with water-friendly plants such as tree ferns.

Water as Art

By choosing a daring and artistic design for your landscaping water feature, you can take your garden to the next level as an entertaining and restorative space. 

Many fantastic contemporary designs combine metal, natural wood or stone, gentle lighting, and the refreshing bubbling of running water to build a stunning piece of art.

Don't Forget the Plants!

Remember you can use your water feature landscaping to nourish and feed the plants growing in your garden, by constructing a stream that feeds into garden beds and planting thirsty water-side plants next to a small backyard pond. 

You can also use traditional landscaping techniques such as composting and mulching to help your poolside plants grow without watering.