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Medical Limitations of Gas Masks for Civilian Populations

Using a gas mask may involve considerable inconvenience, impairment of respiration and communication, and serious psychological reactions. The medical literature is primarily focused on the occupational aspects of using the gas masks by young and healthy workers.

In contrast, there is hardly any information concerning the use of gas masks by large, unselected populations, including children, the elderly, and the sick. Issuing gas masks to all residents of Israel prior to Operation Desert Storm created an urgent need to define the populations whose health might be jeopardized by using the standard GM.

Adding an active air supply system to a standard gas mask may ease the burden on this high-risk group. We evaluated the physiological aspects of breathing with a gas mask, with and without active air supply system, in respect to psychophysiology of diseases, and reached a set of criteria for identifying those who may be endangered by a gas mask and are expected to benefit from the active air supply system.

The ability of the combination mask material made from spun bond melt blown has advantages and is a combination of several mask ingredients. Combination masks as one of the ingredients are spun bond and melt blown which is a mask commonly used for hospitals, as surgical masks.