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Most Common Concerns About Eyelid Lift Surgery

Many patients have several common concerns about eyelid lift surgery, including the appearance of the incision long-term, whether too much or too little tightness will be achieved, what the healing time is like, and whether they will end up with dry eyes. Hopefully with education and discussion, you will learn how to avoid these problems. You can check out the more about eye lift surgery at

The skin of the upper and lower eyelids can be tightened too much, or tightened insufficient, resulting in loose skin that remains after surgery. Overall, the appropriate number of skin is removed with the eyelid elevator is an assessment made by your plastic surgeon based on careful measurements, the number of skin is removed, the weakness of your natural skin, and how you recover over time.

The healing time varies in all individuals, but in typical patients, there may be some swelling and bruises after surgery. Stitches removed about one week after surgery, with variations depending on your plastic surgeon and what additional procedures you have along with the eyelid elevator. In general, pain due to elevator surgery the eyelids are quite low, and most people can work from home a few days after surgery. If you have to meet clients, you might want to wait a week or more for stitches to be removed, swelling to go down, and bruises to go.