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Moves Learned in Hip Hop Dance Classes

You can get great exercise from hip-hop dancing classes. This instruction will teach you the steps. These sequences will be easy to master and you can move on to more complex steps. You can also search online to join the best hip hop dance studio.

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Beginning Lessons

Grooves are the foundation, these steps will allow you to mix them into different routines once you have mastered them. You will be able to see your teacher's grooves while you are standing in front of the mirror. You will then have the opportunity to practice your moves after watching. You can see your movements and rhythms in the mirror.

Routines and Choreography

Once you have learned a few basic moves, you can move on to choreographing simple routines. You will be taught a routine that includes steps you are familiar with by your teacher. Observe and pay attention to your teacher during the demonstration so that you can practice it in class.

Pickup and Transitions

In hip hop dance classes, "pickup" is the act of learning grooves and keeping them in your head. You will improve your ability to dance and practice the moves.

Students must also be able to transition between sets of eight numbers. The transition is usually a tiny movement that is often not noticed or recognized by new students. This skill will allow you to move more smoothly through a routine.