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Orthodontics – Types of Orthodontic Procedures

The American Dental Association recognizes nine dental specialties. Orthodontics is one of the most important for correct tooth alignment. Malocclusions are a specialty that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing improper tooth alignment. 

Orthodontic treatment is often thought of as cosmetic, but it can also improve eating and speech abilities for many patients. An orthodontist may be needed for many reasons. You can online learn more about the different types of endodontist center.

Orthodontics is a great option to straighten crooked teeth. Crooked teeth may be caused by many factors and can come in many sizes and shapes. An experienced orthodontist can examine your mouth to determine the best treatment plan to align your jaw and teeth using the most recent technology.

You can choose from traditional braces made of metal or wires, or clear braces that are made of the latest technology. It all depends on what type of treatment you require and your cosmetic preferences.

First, your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist to get you started with orthodontic treatment. Your dentist might be licensed to practice orthodontics in addition to regular dentistry. You can expect photographs and X-rays to be taken during your initial consultation with an orthodontist.

Your bite, jawbone, teeth, and jawbone will be examined by the dentist. The impressions will show where your teeth touch and where you need to realign your jaw. Your medical and dental history will be taken into consideration.

Orthodontic procedures today are available for everyone. The reason orthodontics is often associated with teenagers is that this is the best time to move the teeth into a new position.