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Pizza – What Are The Most Popular Toppings In Vaughan?

How many times have you looked at the pizza coupons in your kitchen drawer and then spent half an hour trying to decide what to order?  Of course, if you are single, this may be rare. But unless you live alone, deciding which pizza toppings to order can be a big challenge.

And it seems that the more people involved, the longer it will take to decide which pizza to take. As long as you all agree, you'll probably regret pulling that pizza coupon out of the drawer! Ever wondered what the most popular pizza toppings are? Most people have their favorites and want to know how their choices compare to the average pizza lover.

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Well, number one when it comes to America's favorite pizza topping probably won't come as a surprise. That's an old reserve, pepperoni. Just as 25% of all pizza sold is pepperoni cheese pizza.

The sausage came in second, which again should come as no surprise to most people. And you can probably guess number three. Yes, they are mushrooms. And about 70% of pizzerias use canned mushrooms, not fresh. Most people who order pizza seem to prefer canned food, although fresh mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular.

Then come the vegetables (assuming you don't count mushrooms as a vegetable.) Onions are a popular choice for many, coming fourth on the list.

Olives are number five, with black olives about two to one more popular than green ones. After these top five pizza dishes, the bottom half of the top ten can hardly be decided.