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Postcard Direct Mail – Strategy For Beginners to Direct Mail

What is direct mail?

Direct postal mail is two separate things that are used together. Postcard printing is a form of advertising through eye-catching and impactful images on a simple postcard, usually with the minimum required contact details and information placed on the back of the postcard.

 These postcards are designed to engage the recipient, stimulate their curiosity, and introduce them to your business. Direct mail is a commonly used distribution method for a variety of advertising media. 

Direct mail distribution is where advertising literature is sent directly to all potential customers within a specific area. This generally means hand-delivered to the doorstep of everyone within a reasonable distance of the business. You can get mortgage direct mail via

What is direct mail used for?

Direct mail can be used for a variety of advertising needs. It can be used to introduce residents to a new business in their area, advertise a seasonal sale or promotion, and introduce customers to a new service or product presented by an existing business. 

The postcard images are designed to impact, address unconventional concerns or issues, or reveal stunning beauty so that the recipient is curious about the images and the business behind them. They can also be used to make existing customers feel special and unique by providing images that appeal to them and including personal messages of appreciation from the company to the consumer.

Why is it important to stay in contact with customers?

Using direct mail to keep in touch with existing customers is very common among small and large businesses alike. It's essentially a cheap, quick, and easy way to show customers that they are special, unique, and valued as customers for your business. This is necessary for any business in any industry to ensure that the business maintains a regular level of repeated custom.