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Setting Up An Aquarium Fish Tank

An aquarium can bring the beauty and splendor of tropical fish or freshwater fish to your home or office. If you follow solid fish farming principles when setting up your aquarium, you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Visiting a local pet store or fish breeding specialist will help you decide what types of fish you will have in your new aquarium. The in-store staff will also help you choose the right tank size for the available space and will provide you with all the equipment and accessories you need. You can also hop over to marinedepot to buy a saltwater tank online.

However, don't buy fish! You will need to build an aquarium before introducing fish to it. The first step is to completely clean the tank. Don't skip this important step just because the aquarium glass looks clean. Use a mild detergent in warm water to scrub the tank.

Rinse the tank thoroughly to remove traces of dirt and detergent completely. Wash the tank that has been cleaned several times with clean water so that no traces of cleaning agents are left behind.

Also, clean and rinse any equipment used in your new aquarium. Even a small amount of detergent can kill your fish. So don't skimp on washing. Gravel should be cleaned under running water until the water runs out. Plants can be stored in buckets of clean water when setting up your aquarium.

Even a small tank for aquarium fish is heavy – a gallon of water weighs about 10 pounds – so your new tank needs sturdy support. There are special stands for the aquarium that provide a solid foundation, although a small aquarium can be placed on top of other furniture.

Use a layer of polystyrene tile between the tanks and stand to level out the bumps. When setting up the aquarium, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as this will cause algae growth in the tank. Note that you must be near a power outlet, as many refueling equipment require a power source.