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Stone Sealing – Why Its Important.

Stone sealing is the process by which you ensure your natural stone surfaces have a sealant applied to offer maximum protection from everyday wear and tear. This article will discuss why it is important to do this. 

Natural stone surfaces are porous materials meaning they are prone to absorbing moisture, dirt, odours, and can become scratched and stained easily. Sealing stone surfaces properly ensures scratches, stains and deterioration are prevented. 

It is important to note that stone needs to be resealed periodically because the sealant will also be prone to its level of wear and tear over time. Although it prevents the stone from significant scratches, scrapes and stains, the layers of sealant take on these issues instead. By repealing the natural stone you will be removing the wear and tear the sealant has experienced and will refinish the sealant layer. This will ensure ongoing protection for the stone. 

To reseal a stone surface, the sealant layer has to be removed through honing and sanding. Due to the amount of effort, this would require, it is advised that this is completed by a professional company as they will have the tools and machinery to make this an easy task. 

As we have seen, natural stone is a porous material and is prone to high levels of wear and tear when it is used in the home. Experts such as suggest that to protect the natural stone and make it last, it needs to be sealed properly and ideally by a professional. 

photo of stone sealing