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5 Factors That Affect All on 4 Dental Implants

The concept for the four dental implants is used to maintain the entire dental arch with 4 teeth. This treatment has proven to be ideal for anyone who wants to replace the entire dental arch in one day or who does not have enough bone for a dental implant to require a large bone graft for treatment. 

The all on four dental implants is the best and most reliable dental solution for changing teeth because they basically look like real teeth. Smoking is an uncontrollable factor that can affect your implants and reduce the success of your dental implants. 

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Studies show that smoking increases the risk of dental failure by more than 2 to 10 times. This reduces the blood supply to the tissues and can make it difficult to integrate your bones into dental implants.

Poor Bone Quantity and Quality – In some cases, the dentist will need a lot of bone to be successful. Prolonged missing teeth affect bone density and cause bone loss around the empty teeth. Smoking, tobacco, drinking alcohol, and diabetes regularly can also interfere with bone health.

High Diabetes – High diabetes can also put you at risk of damaging dental implants.

Radiation therapy to the head and neck – if you have had certain types of head and neck cancer or received radiation therapy, as this may affect your body's ability to knit dental procedures.

Teeth grinding – unnecessarily grinding and gritting your teeth can affect life. This practice can produce above-average strength when biting or chewing and damaging or even breaking the attached crown.