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Learn About Sweet Almond Bush Care

The sweet almond plant is a tree that has won a lot of admirers throughout the American South. What exactly is a sweet almond tree? It's a big shrub or a small tree that is native to Argentina. You can easily find sweet almond bush online from many sites.

Sweet almond shrubs feature elegant white flowers that emit an intense, honeyed scent. The plant is often referred to as almond verbena. Find out more about how to cultivate sweet almond verbena, as well as information on the propagation of sweet almonds.

almond bush

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Sweet almond (Aloysia Vigata) is a very popular garden plant, particularly in the southern states. It is either semi-evergreen or deciduous, depending on the area you want to plant it. It is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 7.

In cooler regions, it can be seen as an evergreen dwarf. In perpetually warm climates, it doesn't lose its tough, scalloped leaves even in winter and can grow up to 15 feet in height (4.6 meters.). The long, spiked clusters of almond-scented flowers are very aromatic.

A single plant will provide your garden with intense sweet vanilla or sweet almond scent. The blooms remain on the plant throughout the summer and into the fall season which makes sweet almonds great sources of nectar for butterflies as well as birds.

The leaves that are textured are rigid and green and have a scalloped look on the edges. The branches of the shrub have a slight weeping pattern.