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All About the Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is a problem that often is diagnosed, it is not so well known although it is widespread in the population. If left untreated can cause health problems and other problems.

"Several factors can cause tissue destruction. This could be due to poor nutrition, infections, toxins or even the use of antibiotics. The result can be episodes of serious abdominal pain, digestive problems, such as Gas and bloating, skin problems, frequent infections of fungi and bacteria, a weak immune system, as well as fatigue and body pain. You can check out the more about leaky gut syndrome at

Today, many people choose to undergo natural treatment, as well as what your doctor is recommended. As a general rule, a physician will perform a simple test that can provide information about the state of the intestinal mucosa. The degree of damage is important because it will help you decide on the best route of action.

Healthy diet can make a difference in the extent of the disease. Most modern diets do not contain enough fiber to cleanse the colon and intestines on a daily basis. Try to choose whole wheat bread and white rice varieties. Also reducing sugars, salts and dairy products. The real reason why so many problems, it can cause your metabolism will not be able to absorb the right amount of minerals and nutrients.