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Emergency Hazardous Spill Response

The Hazardous Spill Response training is intended to provide participants with enough knowledge of spill response theory so that they can plan and respond to incidents in your own organization, such as: spill in a laboratory or warehouse or even a leak from a bulk tank.

If a chemical is spilled, someone needs to clean it up. This could be the person who spilled it or perhaps a trained response team. You must have chemical emergency response team training to be prepared for all hazardous situations.

Whoever he is, must be aware of the dangers and risks posed by these substances, have access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow a plan.

This training module is ideal for those considering setting up, or already having, a spill response team on the job. The training content includes:

Hazard Identification: Learn how to quickly obtain hazard and risk information from documents such as HAZCHEM marks, product labels and factory safety data sheets (MSDS).

Nature and Behavior: Knowing how a chemical can behave in different circumstances when released from its container.

Chemical Effects and First Aid: How you can be exposed to a substance, what is its effect on you, and what simple steps to take if you come into contact with it.

Situation assessment: think about how far the incident might have gone and what might happen next.

Reaction Theory: Learn how to plan answers instead of rushing. Tools that guide you from start to finish with response options and precautions to manage accidental locations and view information before you leave the stage.