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The Perfect Boot Camp Workout

Here's a description of the best sixty-minute boot camp workout that we use with clients. The session is usually broken down into four sections. The session starts with a dynamic warm-up, which is followed by a circuit section. The session ends with a 15-minute running section, followed by a series of relaxing stretches.

The dynamic flexibility section aims to warm up each participant and reduce the chance of injury. After completing a 200-meter run, we break into smaller groups and perform various running, jumping, and stretching exercises. As the participants warm-up, the intensity of the workout increases. We often finish this section with some plyometric drills. You can find more about boot camp workout through

Once everyone is warmed up, we will put them through a series of circuit exercises. We group 6-8 exercises together and ask people to do each exercise for 30-40 seconds before moving on to the next. This section focuses on bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges.

Basic fitness equipment is also used, such as kettlebells and medicine balls, exercise bands, and body blades. There are many exercises you could choose from, but this is often the most difficult part of the session. This is a challenging part of the session for some people as it strains their cardiovascular system to its limits.

In this section, we usually have two drills. One drill is performed by half of the group and the other half performs the second. To ensure they are able to complete both the drills, they swap roles mid-section. Short sprinting drills, such as repeated sprints of 10 meters with very short rest periods, are included.