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All About Spi Flash Programmer

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), bus applications can seem complex because of the increasing number of modes and performance requirements. Debugging equipment that supports multiple IOs and has high-speed capabilities is required for new serial bus designs.

The BusProS High-Speed Multi IO SPI Host was designed to be fast, versatile, and affordable. The BusPro-S has a 60 MHz clock speed and supports standard, dual, quad, and 3-wire modes. It is ideal for all SPI debugging needs, present and future.

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BusPro-S Features-

  • The multi-IO interface is a high-performance SPI host controller.
  • There are four IO modes: standard, 3-wire and dual.
  • In enhanced mode, user-programmable SCK rate of up to 60 MHz
  • The enhanced mode allows for up to 200 Mb/s throughputs, which is great for programming speed.
  • You can choose between 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V as the interface voltage.
  • Configurable bit order, slave choose polarity, SPI mode, and slave select bit order
  • Eight independent slave select signals are used to design multiple slave devices.
  • A powerful debugger that also includes the command script editor
  • In-System Programming (ISP), of serial Flash and EEPROMs from SPI.
  • Detailed transaction log with data recording and time stamp.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface.
  • Portable, robust USB device powered by a bus. No external power supply is needed.
  • Programming interface for software applications (API) that is royalty-free
  • SPI Exerciser software is compatible with Windows(r), Windows Vista(r), Windows(r), 7, and Windows(r).


Intuitive Software Interface:

The Flash Programmer module includes a collection of Flash and EEPROM model models that allow for quick, easy in-system erases, programs, verifications, and read operations for standard and multi-IO components.