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What Are Different Types Of Commissary Kitchens?

There are many different types of commissary kitchens so finding one that fits your needs and price is important. Here are some different types of commissary kitchens:

Shared use Kitchen: This commissary kitchen choice is the most commonly used by food companies. This is a great and viable choice for new business owners looking for a cost-effective cooking space. You can also hop over to this website to rent the best commissary kitchen in Austin.

This kitchen is rented out to several users at once and the company shares space with certain time intervals and certain storage areas.

Private or Single Use Kitchen: A private kitchen can be perfect for your business if you need more time, space, or special equipment. Private or single-use kitchen rentals give you full round-the-clock access, meaning you don't have to share a room with anyone else. Although this type of rental is more costly than the shared-use kitchen, it still has the advantage that you don't have a large initial capital expenditure.

Restaurant's kitchen: Another alternative is to lease a restaurant kitchen outside of business hours. This can be a cheaper alternative to renting a disposable kitchen. However, opening hours are usually late at night or early in the morning, and space or other additions may be limited.

Non-traditional kitchen: Schools, churches, clubs and elderly communities have licensed kitchens with standard equipment. They may also be willing to rent their premises during business hours. Again, this can be a great way to save costs, but it presents a similar or additional challenge when renting a kitchen in a restaurant.

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Buying A Commercial Extractor Fan In Australia

There are a wide variety of commercial exhaust fans on the market today. From large commercial applications such as kitchen hood systems for restaurants to silent airflow systems that barely make a sound during use.

A commercial kitchen exhaust system, usually made of stainless steel, can cost several thousand pounds to buy and install.  You can also look for the best Australian made inline centrifugal fans for your commercial kitchen.

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Large ventilation wicks through a wall-mounted hood fan may be suitable for small hot food stores such as toast and bacon sandwich shops.

Commercial kitchen in-line exhaust fans are present which are fixed over the ceiling, often some distance from the room where they are actually expelling air. 

They are connected to the ventilation openings in the ceiling via air ducts, which are then connected to an internal fan and then exhaust air through several channels to the louvers on the outer wall.

There is more to consider when buying a commercial fan than when buying a home fan. The reason is that while home fans are inexpensive to buy and install, and cheap to replace if they break down, the same is not true for commercial exhaust systems.

Most large commercial fan installations cost several thousand and require professional installation. So given the investment, you may make in one, you need to be purchasing with a reliable supplier, as you may be placing it in an atmosphere where you may have to stop work if the extractor fan system crashes down, such as in a commercial kitchen.

In that case, you should know that someone can come out very quickly and fix your reach hood. If you have to close your kitchen, you will lose money until it's made. 

So you need to do some research for the company you buy the fan from and make sure they provide a fast call out and have enough spare parts.