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How Air Conditioner Moisture Can Create Mold in Air Ducts

If you don't clean and check your drains regularly, you could have mold in your ducts for several years without knowing it. It's hard not to read about the many harmful side effects that mold can have on humans and pets. 

If there is much less water coming out, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is not working properly. Either it doesn't remove a lot of moisture from the air, or the system that removes water isn't working properly. In either case, it is advisable to consult an HVAC contractor or dryer vent cleaning in Maple.

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It's on the news all the time. Perhaps the most irritating element of health problems caused by fungus is that they are usually difficult to diagnose and sometimes last several years. 

This requires multiple visits to doctors and laboratories and, of course, bills. If it turns out that the source of health problems is mushrooms and the source of mold in your own home, then don't be surprised if your problem doesn't get better.

When people find out that the fungus in the vent is making them sick, they are usually confused to find out how the fungus got into the duct. Mushrooms need moisture, and many people don't know where they come from. 

What people may not realize is that humidity is part of a well-functioning air conditioner. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air and it is this evaporation that cools the air. 

Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture safely. Some do this more efficiently than others, and these systems can deteriorate over time.