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Tips To Improve Your Car Performance

Upgrading a car has never been easier. If you're planning to upgrade your car in any way, here are some exclusive tech tips that will come in really handy. Do it yourself or seek help from your friends and upgrade the car instantly. Here are a few tips to help you get your hands on an easy-to-load Commodore:

Twin Car Muffler: Used on HSV vehicles. This dual car muffler should only be installed if you are serious about driving your vehicle. Alternatively, a 3-inch cat can be used.

Try the Turbo: The factory VL turbo engine is the best and can easily hit 450 hp. If you replace the heads with two cams and two turbochargers, you can achieve more than 650 hp.

Cams: There are many Cams for V8 and V6 engines. Engines need to be rewritten to their EFI system, and other valve mechanisms need attention for maximum noise.

Rollers: They help reduce friction in the valve mechanism. They also allow for an increase in top speed. Install new plungers, valve springs and hydraulic or rigid elevators with them for better results.

Fix Immediately: Pay attention to other components, and reinforcing one thing can put pressure on another. This can cause damage. Therefore, it is necessary to repair all components at once. Back pressure: This is critical to the performance of a poorly tuned engine. The addition of exhaust back pressure causes a decrease in performance.