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Effects of Slurry Pump Expeller

The impeller can be used to seal the shaft and reduce the axial force. The liquid pressure acting on the impeller, and the rotating portion of the composition gravity, is the main cause of the axial force in the Slurry Pump. It is clear that the axial force of slurry pumps is much stronger than those of horizontal slurry pumps.

In balance, they are also more difficult than vertical slurry. Submersible sewage pumps are easy to damage bearings. However, the expeller sealing system has one drawback. It is usually about 3% of the energy that is consumed by the impeller. But with a reasonable design, this loss can be minimized to a minimum. You can check out the best slurry pump expeller on

In a general slurry pump system, the power always increases according to the flow, that is, the power curve is increased with the flow rising curve. This could lead to a problem. When the pump is operating at its designed point, the power of the slurry pumps is lower than the motor's rated power. However, if the pump head is decreased, the flow will increase (Got form the slurry pumps performance curve), the power of the slurry pumps will also increase.

The motor-rated power can be exceeded if the flow exceeds its design operating point. This could lead to motor overload or burnout. The motor overload protection system must be turned off or the pump will stop. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the motor protection system. In practice, slurry pump heads lower than the design point lift usage are common.