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How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Chatbot is now the most used Facebook application. This new application is an immediate improvement over Facebook chat. Before, when one needed something or simply wanted to discuss something with another person, he/she had to go through different Facebook applications like twellow, Digg, friends, etc. Each of these applications provided different features, however, none of them could provide ease in communication. For example, if someone wished to chat with his friend, he would have to go through all the different applications just to be able to talk with his friend face to face.

However, through Facebook Messenger Bot, all these have been eliminated. A Facebook Messenger Bot is a bot that integrates itself into the Facebook messaging system and enables instant communication with your customers as it may pertain to their requests, returns, FAQs, etc. In fact, chat Bots help automate the entire procedure of most customer service requests, especially on a messaging platform, like Facebook Messenger. There are already a number of companies offering Facebook Messenger Bot services. However, these Bots are not always helpful and some of them are actually dangerous.

There are people who use Facebook Messenger Bot to obtain private information of others such as Facebook account passwords, user names, email addresses, and even credit card numbers. And if you are not careful, then your business might suffer from a loss because of these Facebook Messenger Bots. Many customers and Facebook users are now using this Facebook application in order to seek assistance in certain situations, such as in order to verify who they are talking to. But most of the time, these customers and Facebook users do not realize that they are actually being spammed by these Facebook bots and end up sending important business information to these Facebook spammers.

It is true that there are already a number of Facebook Messenger Bot programs available in the market but there are also some Facebook Bots that are dangerous to the users' security. These Facebook Bots actually sell personal information to third parties by sending out spam through the Facebook Messenger button. In addition, many Facebook chat Bots have also been found to be problematic in terms of privacy issues. They send out messages in the form of advertisements that could contain harmful pop-ups and sometimes, these ads are so big that they can block the Facebook button entirely.

If your Facebook page or any of your fan pages uses a Facebook Messenger Bot, then you should immediately remove these Bots immediately after noticing that they have been installed. There is no need for you to deal with these annoying Facebook Messenger Bot spammy creatures once you notice them because they will only cause more harm to your business. In order to solve the problem of these Facebook Bots, you should find ways to manually remove these Facebook Bots. Although you can try to identify the source code of these Facebook Bots through codes or functions in the Facebook program itself, you may not be able to determine what these Facebook Bots are installed from.

What you need to do first is find out if you can get rid of these bots through Facebook's in-built customer support. However, if you cannot connect with the customer service representative or even if you are not able to upload your files or folders on the computer where the Facebook Messenger Bot was installed, you may need to hire a professional Facebook Bot removal support company to help you get rid of these Facebook Bots. Some of the best methods used by the customer support representatives to identify these Facebook Bots include sending the bot a question through email or messaging, sending a private message to the bot, using the help menu on Facebook Messenger Bot, and by using the command line option in Facebook Bot's and Facebook Manager. After identifying the Facebook Bot spamming your page, you should find ways to stop this type of unwanted advertising from happening again.

Once you have identified the Facebook Bot spamming your page or your business, you should not hesitate to remove the bot yourself. One way to do it is to use the built-in uninstall option which is available in Facebook Messenger Bot and click on the "activate" button found at the bottom of the page. However, if you are not an advanced user and if you are not able to identify the locations where the Facebook Bot was installed through a hard copy of your computer hard drive or if you are unable to uninstall the chatbot through Facebook's interface, you should consider hiring a professional bot removal support company for assistance. Hiring the services of professional companies that provide bot removal assistance will ensure that you will not only remove the Facebook Chatbot but also stop other annoying spamming bots from installing themselves on your personal profile, business page, and other areas where your potential customers visit.

In the past, chatbot strategies were often used by spammers to send viruses to potential customers' computers. Therefore, Facebook and other networking sites have implemented measures that prevent the use of bots by allowing users to block their messages and communicate with each other in a more natural fashion. Bot users who are allowed to use Bots can create a group chat where they can chat together with other people without having to publicly acknowledge other users in their conversations. In this way, spammers are unable to use Facebook Messenger Bot to send viruses to potential customers, and chatters are also prevented from wasting time with annoying ads placed on their chat conversations.