Information about Controlled Fire

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You may have a question, whether fire can be used to combat fire? There are times where counter fires can be used to tackle the spread of fire. A counter fire or back fire is created deliberately in front of active fire to consume combustible material making it difficult to cross. The created backfire prevents fire from spreading furthermore. However, there are times when the counter fire may make the situation worse causing more risks.

Therefore, before using such technique, a lot of experience is required before things go haywire. This effect works best if the counter fire created stays close to the original fire where the counter fire gets sucked towards the original fire. It’s possible since warm air is sent upward from the large fire constantly drawing air. This helps the backfire to more in the same direction towards the main fire preventing from spreading furthermore.

Fire plays a role of preventing fire

In the event of forest fire, it is prevented by using fire. Using fire against fire means it controls burns where the forest fire does not spread more. However, there have been times where controlled burns have gone out of control.

A controlled fire is like a wildfire that are intentionally set-off acting as backfire or hazard reduction burning for farming, prairie restoration, forest management, etc. Controlled fire plays a few roles like revealing layers of soil minerals in order to increase seedling vitality, stimulate the germination of desired forest trees, renewing of the forest etc.

This is some information on controlled fire you should be aware of. You may want to consider learning more about controlled fire along with learning about onsite forest assessments.