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Reasons To Use A Freight Forwarder When Importing Goods In United Kingdom

When you import goods into the UK there is a lot of processes involved in getting them from the suppliers you buy from to your warehouse. Therefore, using a freight forwarder can be a good idea as it takes some of the stress out of the international shipping process. 

Generally, customs brokers handle imports and exports, whereas freight forwarders in the United Kingdom handle the actual logistics, but many freight forwarders can also act as customs brokers and handle all customs requirements under one roof.

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The carrier can do one or all of the following:

-Arrange for transportation from the place of origin – such as your supplier's factory or warehouse – to the port or shipping airport

-Preparation of documents, permits, and all related documents for export to the place of origin

-Negotiating, ordering, and loading cargo for sea or air freight

-Insurance organization and shipment tracking if necessary

-Preparation of documents, licenses, and all relevant documents for UK Customs

-Arrange for transport and delivery to your agreed location in the UK

These are the basics, but when the operators present themselves, they have all the necessary contacts to handle the various parts of the job.

They can also negotiate shipping, delivery, and storage costs for you. With their knowledge, they can handle all the long and complex documents related to international shipping.