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Botox Treatment In Singapore – No More Frown Lines!

Botox has been in use since the late 1970's. It was first studied and developed by ophthalmologists and was first used to treat lazy eye conditions. The eye doctor injects botulinum toxin into the small muscles of the eye to treat "lethargic eyes." You can consult a specialist for the treatment of botox for big frown lines.

It was used by surgeons and others to correct other disorders of the face, eyelids and limbs such as tremors and seizures in the 1980s. In fact, it was first discovered in the late 1980s that it may have cosmetic benefits. After injecting the eye spasm, the patient's wrinkles were found to be significantly reduced.

Botox is actually a pure product produced by bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. The drug weakens the muscles causing wrinkles. When used in its purified form and in small amounts, botox relaxes muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, front lines and crows.

Botulinum toxin, otherwise known as botox, can be used for the dramatic differences in the wrinkles and expression lines we see between the eyebrows and around the eyes. All connected were simple injections that left no "lag time", no healing time, and no scars. This injection can remove all wrinkles.

Small doses of a toxin are injected into certain muscles causing unwanted expression lines. As a result, only these muscles are paralyzed. The maximum effect of the injection can be seen in three to fourteen days.