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How to Build a Go Kart – Go Kart Building Secrets

To build a go-kart that spins like a Porsche on rails looks like a Ferrari and makes all your neighbors' heads spin, we need to build a rear car and go to the beginning. You can buy the awesome and affordable pedal kart at for your kids.

In short, there are five steps to building a simple framework. First of all, are the following steps:

1. Position of engine and passenger

2. Drive system

3. Steering system

4. Braking system

5. Throttle system

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Let's go there now…

1. Position of engine and passenger

Assuming that this go-kart is made of wood or steel, first of all, you have to think about a certain layout. Usually, the machine is in the back and the person is sitting in front of the machine. A good safe location is a seat to protect the passenger from the engine.

So some structure is needed to keep the chair in place. You can use a recliner chair, but a more protective chair is a piece of plywood that tilts back and is propped up. Covering a piece of wood is optional, but it's especially more comfortable with a thick piece of fabric covering the pillow. The fabric is usually pinned to the board (on the back).

The seat support structure can be made of wood or steel.

The frame can also be made of wood or steel. If you use wood, use two quarters, placed vertically, so that the strength of the wood is more optimal.

If you are using steel for the frame, use a pipe with a wall thickness of at least 0.070 or thicker. The length of the frame largely depends on how tall the person is. Have one person sit comfortably on their back with the steering wheel in hand. This is a human station. Measure this length.