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Himalayan Crystal Salt And Speleo Therapy

Speleotherapy ("speleo" is the Greek word for cave) is the science of "underground natural healing chambers with salt", meaning a special chamber or area preserved in an underground mine.

Speleotherapy sessions are held in the purest natural environment enriched with negative ions without the use of any external devices like halo generators or others. To find out the best halo salt therapy, you can check this site.

The salt walls in the mining chamber act as a dry salt aerosol that protects the air of the underground healing speleo room (natural salt mine). Keeps it sterile and bacteria-free. In short, this speleotherapy process is a natural therapeutic measure to treat various respiratory ailments.

The health benefits of speleotherapy were first described by the Polish physician Felix Bochowski in his 1843 book, but the health effects of the microclimate found in salt mines have been known to people for centuries. 

Since the publication of this groundbreaking book, the practice of healing patients (especially those with respiratory ailments) in salt mines has spread throughout Europe. So much so that this practice has become a standard feature of spa treatments for a wide variety of respiratory conditions.

Over time, more and more people are realizing the health benefits of speleotherapy, but it is difficult and time-consuming to travel to mining areas to take advantage of speleotherapy facilities. 

Therefore, they started to think of alternative natural ways to treat their ailments. A scientist has recognized the idea of speleotherapy and its many health benefits.