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Benefits of 3D Configuration Systems For Customers

A 3D configurator is an application allowing your clients to display your products from every angle and to customize them in an interactive and instantaneous way.

The real-time 3D configuration is a tremendous sales tool in salesmen’s hands and a decision-making facilitator on your website. 3Dswipe revolutionizes how a wide range of options can be presented and displayed instantaneously. 

3D Configurator: How did we increase the client’s conversion rates?

configurateur de produit 3d

Online, the 3D configuration system is plug-in free and easy to access from every device; and as an app, it also works offline on salesmen tablets, on an interactive kiosk, in-store, or other formats for events (touch tables, etc.)

Product display from every angle, instant display of selected options, realistic rendering: everything is gathered to accompany clients in their decision-making process, facilitating purchases.

This 3D sales solution allows product customization, in real-time. Thanks to a well-thought user-friendly interface, users can test out all of the available options and display it all from every angle in order to make the decision that meets their design and technical needs.

The 3D configuration system is designed for free use, giving full control and freedom to an internet user looking for a specific product. Nevertheless, and depending on product complexity, the configurator can also become a true sales companion guiding technical salesmen enjoying an interactive visual aid to materialize their tailored offer.

Tailor-made, the 3D configuration system can also walk users through a series of configuration steps (product selection, options range, materials, colors, etc.) or offer a configuration experience in complete freedom which enables them to modify any element at any time.

The tailored user interface offers a dynamic display of options, and guarantees easy and efficient product customization, navigating through thousands of combinations available.