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How to Use Orgonite Pyramid?

Orgonite is another name for a form of energy known as qi, ether, prana, or lifestyle. The orgonite pyramid is one of the most well-known objects with its ability to convert negative energy into positive energy and help balance mental, physical body and emotions.

Orgonite pyramids are made by mixing metal flakes and crystals with a resin composite. The resin composite shrinks during the curing process, which then permanently compresses the quartz crystal 1, creating a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal. You can browse around this website to get thebest orgonite pyramids online.

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The orgonite pyramid is beautiful and has healing powers too. They have a strong ability to bring a person to a healing harmony and positive balance in life.

How do you use the orgonite pyramid?

Although there are several ways to use the orgonite pyramid; However, I think this method is more satisfying.

First, hold a pyramid in your hand and meditate on it. All your attention should be directed to the pyramid and all the energy that comes from it. The goal is to try all possibilities and not to see the pyramids, but to feel them.

Another important aspect is the intent of the orgonite project. Every object has consciousness from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire solar system. Speak aloud into the pyramid or in your head as if you were talking to a friend you haven't seen in a long time. The aim here is to connect the mind to the pyramid and preserve the healing properties of the object.