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Reason Behind Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a situation that arises when a child connotes a high view of hostility or even hatred towards a particular parent. Feelings are usually unwarranted and also make it difficult for the alienated parent to relate or communicate with the child.It is also recommended that you talk to a counselor. You can also get a  meeting schedule  in order to get tips from them. 




There are many reasons that provoke this feeling. They can be triggered by disparaging comments a child hears about another person from one parent. These feelings of the child are usually seen in situations of separation and divorce where the feelings of the mother and father can interfere and influence the way children feel and what they think. 

Parents can be distracted by their personal issues when dealing with issues such as child custody and distribution of wealth.

Hearing negative comments from close family members about other parents, harsh conversations, and pointing out parental faults can make children feel resentful and withdraw from their parents. 

The same is true for finding parents who were reckless, such as misappropriating money, using or abusing illegal drugs, in addition to behaviors that might cause a marriage or relationship to break down. Parents may knowingly or unintentionally disclose this to a child.


 What is right and fair for a child is to always reassure them that both parents love them as before, even when they are not together. Remember that children see what they tend to emulate in their own partnerships and marriages.