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The Economic Principals of Real Estate Valuation

Property valuation is the process real estate analysts use to evaluate the actual price they must pay to own a particular property.

The method most familiar to brokers and agents is of course benchmarking (or CMA).

In this case, the property valuation includes an estimate of the value based on the selling price of another similar property in the local market area. You may search for real estate valuation and find out the real worth of your property

That is, the real estate analyst selects which sale is best used to infer the price of a particular property, identifies the characteristics that influence the different prices between the sale and the subject, and then calculates the dollar value of these differences.

What is not often understood affects the focus of our discussion. The valuation of housing and commercial real estate (i.e. office buildings, residential buildings and land) is ultimately based on economic principles.

This is the hope of future benefits. In other words, real estate investors measure the value of a property's investment based on the expected income stream that the property will generate. Therefore, they value property based on the income it generates rather than market value or the cost of construction and land to replace property.

Of course, this should come as no surprise if you are knowledgeable about real estate investing. These real estate investors primarily buy the cash flow they expect from investment properties.