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How To Clean Your Commercial Kitchens Refrigerator

For a restaurant or other food service, nothing is more important than keeping the fridge clean, tidy, and well-maintained. After all, the refrigerator is the heart and soul of every food company.

There are a few small things you can do to reduce the risk of damage to your fridge in midsummer. To get more information about refrigeration case cleaning visit 

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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Cleaning the capacitor coils is one of the easiest refrigerator maintenance tasks to do on your own, and it will help your device run more efficiently. Try it at least every three months or when you see a significant build-up of dust and grease. 

Allowing significant build-up of dirt and debris can lower the efficiency of devices that use more power, spend more money in operating costs, and shorten the life of your device. It can also damage the compressor and require expensive repairs.

In most cases, the only chemical you need to use to clean door seals is hand washing liquid. If the seal is washed and dried daily, no significant bacteria or fungus can grow on the seal. If there are signs of buildup in your commercial kitchen refrigerator, use bleach once or twice.

You can also hire refrigerator cleaning services, they ensure thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. They will clean each device and inspect the fans and bulkheads and check for leaks before installing each device.