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Planning a Commercial Property Renovation Or Refurbishment

Commercial property renovation or refurbishment is a balance between current tenant placement, future occupancy needs, and income cash flow growth. Overlook or disregard any of these elements and your renovation can easily fail.

To help you with the planning process for a property renovation, seek the assistance of a design professional such as an architect. Have them undertake a pre-design proposal to define the scope of work and time frames.

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It is likely that you will uncover various obstacles to your project early on. To qualify and investigate these obstacles seek additional help from engineers or quantity surveyors.

The basic information that can help you start the process off will be:


  • Details of existing buildings and any building code violations that will need to be addressed in the new project.
  • Details of regional demographics of the business community and general population.
  • Details of any known planning applications for competition property changes or new properties near to you that could disrupt your property performance.
  • Plans of the zoning rules and regulations in the local area that can impact your property.
  • Plans of the existing property to be refurbished. These is both site drawings and structural as-built drawings.
  • A line sketch and conceptual drawings of the new property changes.
  • If necessary seek soil reports to identify soil stability and safety for the project.
  • An inspection of the existing property by an engineer to identify any concerns and structural issues.
  • Photographic record of the existing property and any key areas of structural or design concern.