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How tough do you think you are? How quickly do you recover when bad things happen? If a serious injury or illness befalls you, do you think you will be able to cope, or do you think you will be locked up in misery and give up on life?

However, 99% of these children show great resilience, they continue with their daily lives, work hard at school, make friends, and enjoy life. You can also get information about certified resilience coach via

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Their resilience is taken for granted – those who stand out are those who struggle with it. Resilience doesn't seem like a rare trait to me, but something we are all capable of.

Being resilient means being able to deal with stress, pressure, or adversity that arises. These problems can be very different: a bad accident, a natural disaster, no raise or just missing the bus. Bad things happen in life.

How do you deal with it when you run into trouble? Remember things in your past and what you did to overcome them. Can you do things differently so you can recover faster? Pay attention to times when you travel back in time.

Make sure you know how to recognize and manage your stress. When you're feeling stressed, exercise and deep breathing are two of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better.