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Discover Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

An upright paddleboard is exactly what it sounds like: a big board where you can paddle upright! In terms of the sport, it starts because you can get over it very quickly, you don't have to be very good and it can be practiced in inland waters or at sea. 

Stand rowing is an ancient Hawaiian sport that was updated a few years ago and goes from strength to strength because it's easy to learn. Also known as "SUP" or "paddle surfing", this new water sport can be mastered on flat water in minutes and allows you to move at your own pace on seas, lakes, or other inland waters. Many people nowadays are in the SUP yoga business.

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To start the SUP, you will need a wide board for good stability (preferably inflatable, as it is easier to transport), paddles, and flatwater without wind or current. Straps (straps) connect the board to your feet for security. If you fall, the board is never far from you. You can take a boat with you for extra safety. 

When starting for the first time, start on your knees to bring your balance to the plank, then stand with your knees bent for stability. Start rowing on one side with the blade open in front.

Then, when the board begins to spin due to the motion of the paddle, paddle on the other side and swap hands with the paddle. The good thing about rowing standing up is that you're exercising without even realizing it.