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Stock Market Advice For Picking Hot Stocks

The best stock market advice you will ever read is to learn from the mistakes that other people make when they do. This stock market tips list contains a list of the most common trading mistakes. 

I've even done a few of these. If you have made some mistakes, rest assured that you are not alone in them. If you haven't, here's a place to learn by making the mistake of reading my list of stock market tips. You can visit to have some more tips on the stock market.

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The worst mistake people make is believing trading is the simple answer, the get-rich-quick way. People often expect to become market experts overnight, but fail to realize that trading is like any profession. You have to learn how to do it first.

After treating trading as a quick enrichment program is to approach the market without a plan. Without a trading plan, traders approach the market in an inconsistent manner. One day they trade stocks and the next day they trade forex. 

When a new trader manages to ignore these last two mistakes, they often fail when they try to handle them themselves. All traders need to find a coach or mentor. Someone who can help them find weaknesses in their system that they may not be aware of. An outside perspective can help you avoid other costly mistakes and greatly increase your bottom line.