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Australian Student Visa Application: Explained

International students applying for an Australian student visa must first be accepted by an Australian institution to study full-time in Australia. An offer letter or confirmation of enrollment (CoE) is required to apply for a student visa. 

Australian Student Visa Eligibility Criteria:

Any international student over the age of 6 who is accepted for full-time study in Australia by an Australian educational institution can apply for an Australian student visa. Students under the age of 18 must take appropriate social measures while in Australia before applying for a student visa.

International students must meet certain criteria before they can apply for a student visa. There are so many subclasses of students visa in Australia and one of them is a student visa subclass 500. Students are required to provide proof that they meet all requirements for obtaining this visa. 

How to apply for Australian student visa in 6 easy steps

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Registration Confirmation:

All international students must present a Certificate of Enrollment (CoE) to obtain an Australian student visa. In addition, enrollment in the degree programs listed in the Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students (CRICOS) is mandatory.

English Knowledge:

Students from non-English speaking countries may need to take an English test to prove their proficiency in English. To apply for a student visa, students must achieve a minimum score on an acceptable English language test. The following English tests are accepted: 

  • C1 Advanced
  • PTE
  • OET

Financial Performance:

Students must have enough money to cover their tuition and living expenses while studying in Australia. Students may be required to provide proof of finance with their visa application. In this proof, students must demonstrate that they have sufficient money to cover travel, study, and living expenses for themselves and all family members accompanying them to Australia.