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Helping The Disabled Get Into Pools In Australia

Over the years, having access to a swimming pool has become a easy task for people with disabilities. In earlier days, the entrance to the pool was not built for the needs of the disabled. However, currently, there are mobility aids that are specifically tailored to the needs of people with mobility problems.

If you decide to buy a pool lift, you can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of devices on the market. Stunning accessible pools equipment are water pool lifts, water lifts, and handicap pool lifts. You can get a hand lift with a hydraulic drive.

Working with manual lift

With a water lift, you must position the user in the clutch. They then use the elevator control handles to load users into or out of the pool. This manual machine is the same as a car jack.

Elevator installation

Each lift has different installation options. This depends on the selected lift. When going to an elevator designed for use in spas or indoor pools, plug it into an outlet buried in the pool deck.

Elevator chair

Most of the elevators are provided with seats that can rotate between 360 and 90 degrees. The 360-degree elevator seat gives you the ability to lower and raise the user from any part of the deck. The 90-degree swivel chair is only ideal for users who can use a seat-changing device.