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Health and Fitness

The Health Benefits of Black Truffle Salt

Italian specialty. Black truffle salt has been a favorite ingredient in many fine Italian foods since the 17th century. European Mediterranean Sea Salt is also enhanced with a black truffle from the Abruzzo region of Italy to added savor, gourmet wonder to all your dishes. The delicate crunchy flavor of black truffle perfectly complements the smooth and rich taste of white truffle. This salt is bound to leave you craving for more! Imagine the bliss of having one more slice.

Egg dish. Truffles are often accompanied by eggs in any recipe, be it a scrambled egg, omelet, or simple scrambled egg salad. This is another reason why this seasoning is so popular. It adds just the right amount of taste while keeping the eggs fresh and yummy.

Salty cooking. If you are fond of salty dishes, then you will love using this salt in your cooking. You can sprinkle it on fish, stew, seafood, vegetables, meats, cheeses, salad dressings, and more. Just make sure you do not overdo it, as over-salt is never liked by anyone. However, there are certain occasions where black truffle salt may be required such as cooking for large numbers of people or when your oven is in need of some extra help.

Frying. This is another fantastic way of using black truffle salt for cooking. It is an excellent means to utilize the flavor and aroma of this seasoning without directly adding it to the food being cooked. You can serve this salty finished dish as a starting point for many other Mediterranean-inspired dishes that you may want to cook. For example, you can make some Mediterranean wraps or you can make some Mediterranean side dishes such as wraps with zucchini.

Cooking with truffles. The combination of the intense flavor from black truffle salt and the small size of the truffles make them a delightful starter to many kinds of meals. You can start with eggplant Parmesan, followed by broccoli florets, and then sauteed mushrooms or beef. Another way to enjoy this delicious start to your meal is to cook truffles in a skillet with butter or oil until they are golden brown. Then add some fresh parsley and basil on top.

Using black truffle salt in your everyday cooking is like enjoying a truffle every day of the week. You can prepare a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that will have people taking notice of the salt. Dishes such as Ziti, Feta Chicken, Salisbury Steak, Madeira Crab, Pepper, and Basil Bruschetta, Salmon Eggs, or Chicken Liver Rice pilaf are just a few examples of how you can use it in your everyday cooking. As you can see, using sea salt or black truffle salt instead of table salt is not only economical but it tastes better as well.

Another benefit of using black truffle salt is that you can get to enjoy the different varieties available without having to go to the store which means spending less money. There are several brands of sea salts and black truffle salt that are available and you can even find some in your local grocers or supermarkets as well. You can also buy them online from Amazon and other brick-and-mortar stores that carry health and wellness products.

These are just a few uses of black truffle salt and it proves that they make for an excellent alternative to table salt. They also make for a healthier alternative and are definitely better for your health in general. The next time you are shopping for snacks, you may want to consider trying sea salts and black truffle salt instead of the usual white sugar-based chips.