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Virtual Tape – Why You Should Install It?

Virtual tape is an easy, cost-effective and self-contained solution for your organization. It gives you everything you need in an archival storage system: performance, scalability, simplicity and focuses on business objectives. Virtual tape provides the ability to easily tie storage management into mission-critical data protection. To know more about the virtual tape you can book a demo at

A tape library uses a special storage device to manage less-frequently needed data so that it appears to be stored entirely on tape cartridges when some parts of it may actually be located in faster, hard disk storage. This lets you store more files on the same number of tapes and reduces backup time.

If you're looking to ease your management and improve redundancy in backup storage, then you might want to consider a virtual tape library. These libraries create a self-contained storage and retrieval system that offers great performance, scalability and simplicity — issues that are tough to solve with tape alone.

This innovative software from OpenVMS provides the flexibility of a virtual tape system, freeing up storage space on mainframe computers. It also reduces costs by offloading from mainframes the processing involved in deciding whether data should be available in the faster disk cache or written onto a tape cartridge.