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Why Choose a Wool Rug?

While there are numerous synthetic yarn fibers that can be sufficient for your home's needs in terms of design, the rationale is more apparent when you consider that all fibers made by humans are essential "Plastic" and this is why they aren't as eco-friendly as wool. Wool, as a term suggests is a 100% natural fiber created from the wool of sheep. 

Wools of high quality that are used to create carpets in the middle east and the middle-east region are brought in out of New Zealand. If you're concerned about these issues, Australian wool has had an unpopular reputation for a long time due to its shearing methods and the intentional harm it causes animals.  You can buy premium quality wool rugs from

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The first benefit of choosing wool as a rug is that it's an organic and sustainable fiber. When we look at wool in comparison to other natural fibers, we notice some distinct advantages. The softness of cotton is ideal for areas with low traffic which aren't susceptible to staining. The fabric is not resistant to staining in the same way as wool can and is more likely to compress or flatten out in areas of high traffic. 

Certain types of cotton rugs can be useful but. If you own a small thin and tightly woven cotton rug that does not have any backing the rug can be washed by the machine. Then, it can be hand washed and then put on the lines to hang dry.