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Why The GMO Industry Does Not Care About The Welfare Of The Consumers

As the GMO debate rages on, GMO companies and their proponents have continually touted the benefits of GMOs, citing it as the solution for alleviating world hunger, increasing food production, availability, and quality.

On the other side of the debate, concerned critics have pointed out the actions of the biggest players in the GMO industry have continually proven that commercial interests reign paramount as is demonstrated by their willingness to expose consumers to health hazards caused by genetic engineering on humans.

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Contrary to the claims of the big biotechnology firms and their proponents in the GMO industry that there is no documented evidence of the health risks posed by genetically engineered food, what is true is that there are no GMO statistics available proving their long-term safety for humans.

Even more important, GMO research undertaken by independent scientists' groups is now unearthing more and more safety concerns posed by genetic engineering on the environment, biodiversity, and consumer health.

Monsanto's GE Soy Is Roundup Ready For Mass Consumption

At the heart of the GMO controversy is the giant biotech firm Monsanto and its primary product, GE Soy. With soybeans being the largest GMO crop worldwide with 93% of the US soybean crops grown from genetically modified seeds, it is understandable the rush the biotech giant had been to make it ready for release stating that there is no need for testing on humans, nor is there any inherent value in it.