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Why Would You Use A Messenger Bot For Customer Service?

In this new series of tech blogs from industry experts, one company explains why Facebook Chatbot is so important. Basically, a Messenger Bot is an artificial intelligence-driven bot that will automatically respond to customer questions sent to you via direct message on Messenger. So, essentially, it's a chat bot that will answer your customer's questions. You can also have multiple chat bots working together, to handle multiple channels of customer service, real-time. Bots, according to the post, are much like humans, except they're not really humans, they're artificial software running on a network. We have had robots in phones for quite some time in the form we even had bots in phones, such as Siri, but the latest and greatest generation of bots will be more advanced and more individually customized to your specifications. You can have a Messenger Bot that will log your voice conversations, save them to a document for you to edit, and then give you a prompt based on the language of your recipient. This is known as multi-platform support and it makes a huge difference when it comes to handling customer service on the go. Say you're in France and your friend calls you from Germany. Instead of having to take the call on your cell or laptop, and then translate the conversation for your second language friend, you can simply take the note and transfer it over to Germany without ever leaving your Messenger Bot.

The potential customers won't even have to install the bot on their phone to use the new program. It sends a signal over the Internet from your computer to wherever your Bot is. If your friend wants to talk to you in German, all he has to do is log into their account and then press a few buttons to send the message. Your chatbot can translate from any major language to English and vice versa. They can also handle messages in different languages depending on your settings. There are many different languages supported by Messenger Bot and it allows you to save time and potential customers will experience a streamlined shopping experience with you.

You can also use your Messenger Bot as direct replies to other tweets and Facebook status updates. For example, if your friend posted a status update about a new product you just saw on Facebook, you could simply reply to the post with a short comment. With these new applications, you will be able to engage your potential customers on a more personal level. The great thing about these applications is that because they are web-based, people will be able to see your web examples immediately. If you have an app for Facebook, you can also post web examples on your website.

Messenger Bot also integrates with Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Groups, WordPress, Google Talk, and WordPress Tags. Through each of these websites or applications, you will be able to create and manage your lists. If you have a blog or a website, you will be able to provide your customers with instant access to information. This is where messenger bots come into play. These bots are equipped with pre-written HTML code, which will allow them to handle incoming and outgoing messages. Additionally, since the HTML code is already written, the customer service agents will not need to spend their time trying to decipher the code in order to respond to an inquiry or make a sale.

Another feature that Messenger Bot offers is that it uses WordPress plugins to help with creating blogs and websites. Messenger Bot has been written to use all major web browsers and can be integrated with most WordPress themes and plugins. The developers of the bot use a custom development environment to create the code that is needed for the different WordPress features to work. Through this, all the web applications of Messenger Bot will be made available to the end-users through the use of plug-ins.

Since Messenger Bots is conversational and automated, there is no need for any customer service representatives to handle the queries of customers, hence cutting costs from having to hire new personnel. Customers can talk to the bot anytime, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a browser on the same network. In fact, the Chat Bots can work on Wi-Fi and 3G connections. This makes Messenger Bot more practical to use in conjunction with email marketing apps such as Aweber and Getresponse. You will be able to send emails to people who do not have an email account, while still communicating with your customer base who have email accounts.

Through the use of a combination of apps and bot technology, Facebook Chatbot offers an affordable and effective way to enhance your current customer service strategy and marketing strategy. Since Messenger Bot was developed to work seamlessly with other applications, it offers your business an easy way to combine and leverage various technologies to improve your overall customer service and marketing strategy. Messenger Bot and its accompanying bot ecosystem are a force to be reckoned with.