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Women’s Panties Online – A Guide to Buying Silky Panties

Buying lingerie has never been easier – there are already thousands of lingerie and panty online sites, which make it fun to browse and compare leggings from one site to the next.

In British underwear is known as panties but the term is now less used – the term pants somehow have more “sexy” connotations than more “logical” connotations that are implied by the term “pants”.

The following description of the type of underwear must help you in your purchasing decision, and this is mainly intended for men who might want to treat important women in their lives with some new underwear. If you are looking for the best maternity underwear for women then you browse

Bikini Panties.

This inner underwear tends to ride on the hip and usually full-back bikinis, even though this can vary.

Full summary.

The top of the leggings is generally higher and rested at the waist. They have achieved fame because of Bridget Jones’s film pants. There are several variants of this design too:


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Thong pants.

Thong consists of a belt attached to narrow threads (sometimes a little more than thread) in the back, and the small triangle of the cloth on the front.

G-string, V-string, and T-back differ in the amount of material attached to the waist behind. Some authorities maintain that G-string owed its underwear, and seemed to be blurred about how these items were explained from one country to the country.

Panty size

However, the biggest problem when buying online pants tends to size. The main problem is that many countries have their own way to determine the size. At the “Brick and mortar” shop, you can check underwear when you will depend on the accuracy of the description. Some online companies will provide a size graph that allows conversions from continental Europe to England, to Australian size.

Strangely, with more American lingerie outlets online than in other countries, they have made it difficult for those who live in other countries to buy from them with confidence, based on size!